Q: What is #bgsdlist and how do I sign up?

Kelly Sue: #bgsdlist is the hashtag for a… how do I even describe this?

Well, it started when Chris Sebela stayed with us for a bit when he first moved to Portland. When he got a place of his own, he made the mistake of telling me he missed having me around to guilt him into working. I offered to send him nagging, um, I mean, INSPIRATIONAL texts every once in a while.

He thought I was kidding.

He posted one of the texts I sent him and it became a thing. Now I use a service and there are 4000+ people on the list.


You want me to nag you randomly? You’re now taking a class called “Bitches Get Shit Done.”

To sign up, text @bitchesg to (971) 244-8342.

(The service is free, but whatever your carrier’s text plan is, those fees may apply.)

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