Bitch Planet Comics Studies Round Table

If you love Bitch Planet‘s backmatter essays and columns just as much as the comic itself, you are in for a treat! The Middle Spaces has just concluded a three-part round table series with short essays on Bitch Planet by nine scholars, organized and co-edited by Professor Qiana Whitted. Contributors ranging from tenured professors to Ph.D. students weigh in on topics including trans representation, the importance of laughter, and the use of color in the comic. This series offers some exciting, in-depth, and very approachable engagement with Bitch Planet by some of the brightest thinkers in comics studies.

“Speculation drives these short pieces,” says Whitted in her introduction to the series. “We are posing questions and making observations that are designed to prompt further discussion about the critical intersections that Bitch Planet inspires.”

To read and engage in discussion with the contributors to this series, as well as fellow Bitch Planet fans and thinkers, check out parts one, two, and three of the Bitch Planet Round Table!

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