#BGSDlist is back!

The #bgsdlist is back!

What is #bgsdlist? “BGSD” stands for “Bitches Get Shit Done,” though we are inclusive of non-bitches as well. It started when Chris Sebela stayed with the DeFractions when he first moved to Portland. When he got a place of his own, he made the mistake of telling Kelly Sue he missed having her around to guilt him into working. She offered to send him nagging inspirational texts every once in a while. This exchange took place on Twitter. He posted one of the texts she sent him and it became a thing. She used a service and had 4,000+ people on the list, but the service pulled the plug.

But now we got a new platform! It’s called Community and it’s pretty great. The list is back and if you want in, text BGSD to (503) 738-1029. If you want info related to Kelly Sue and Matt’s comics work, you can also text MILKFED to the same number. It doesn’t cost you anything (unless you get charged for receiving texts, but most of us are on unlimited programs so you should be fine—check with your carrier if you’re not sure). We won’t sell your info and you can unsubscribe at any time. That’s it!

If you sign up, Kelly Sue will text you. Never more than once a day. Usually much less. And you can text her back!

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