Q: Where can I buy your comics?

IT IS A GOLDEN AGE OF BEING ABLE TO FIND COMICS THESE DAYS and you have a panoply of choice depending on your preferred format:

Our monthly comics can be found a your Local Comic Book Store. Collections can sometimes be found there too.

You can also find our collections in brick-and-mortar bookstores and in big chain outlets like B&N or Books-A-Million.

Here is Kelly Sue’s author page at Amazon. Here’s Matt’s.

Digitally, we recommend buying from imagecomics.com because their files are DRM-free and downloadable in the format you choose. Here’s Kelly Sue’s author page at Image. Here’s Matt’s.

You can also get our stuff via Comixolgy. Here’s Kelly Sue’s author page there. Here’s Matt’s. The app is free for the device of your choice.

Here is Kelly Sue’s author page at Marvel. Here’s Matt’s. Those pages have links to buy digital copies via the Marvel app or from Marvel Unlimited (Matt was also delighted and amazed to see that Marvel Unlimited sorts everything by the date they went on sale. Nice work, Marvel!)


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