Q: What’s your schedule like?

Kelly Sue: It’s a bit out of date, but I answered that one here.

Matt Fraction: Nothing about parenthood, I’m discovering, remains consistent for long. Five years ago if you told me this was my daily schedule i’d have said it was impossible; ten years ago, i’d have said you were outright lying.

At the moment, I tend to rise before our kids. Any time from 4 AM on, chances are I’m up (then, like, once every three weeks, I sleep for thirteen hours). Helping to get them up, fed, washed, dressed, and out the door happens next. Best case most days I can be at my desk working by 8:30. I try my hardest to keep 8:30-1 as sacrosanct work time. No calls scheduled, no appointments the best I can manage, no email, just writing. From 1 on, I keep writing, or do admin stuff, or errands and get the kids and such.

I’ll be in the office until 5ish, most days; sometimes it’s earlier, sometimes it’s later. And once I leave, that’s it for the day. Unless I’m crashing on a deadline, once the kids are home and I put on the Dad Pants (these are not literal pants but rather a metaphor) that’s it for the Work Pants. I try hard to go screen-dark after that point, too, but that I manage with less success.

I used to be a night owl but not anymore; I’m in bed usually around 9 and asleep before midnight most nights. I take a melatonin supplement and hydroxazine to help me sleep what little sleep I manage, and I read as much as I can until it hits me. Lately I’ve backslid into playing a card game on my phone but I really hate having my phone next to me when I sleep — it’s too easy to use it as a reason to get out of bed at 4 AM instead of trying to roll over.

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