Pretty Deadly and Sex Criminals part of Humble Comic Bundle: Image Comics Showcase

Pretty Deadly and Sex Criminals are a part of the Humble Comic Bundle: Image Comics Showcase, so if you want to pick up some digital comics and support two charities, head over to

Here’s what it’s all about:

Humble Comic Bundle: Image Comics Showcase

“The best comics in science fiction, fantasy, horror, and more, collected together in this Image Comics Showcase! Looking for a huge collection of comics to read? Our latest comic book bundle from Image Comics has what you need! This curated bundle of comic books includes titles like Monstress Vol. 1-4Pretty Deadly Vol. 1-3Blackbird Vol. 1Snotgirl Vol. 1-2, and many more. Plus, pay what you want and a portion of your purchase supports the Book Industry Charitable Foundation and The Hero Initiative.

Pay $1 or more. Normally, the total cost for the comics in this bundle is as much as $1,563. Here at Humble Bundle, you choose the price and increase your contribution to upgrade your bundle! This bundle has a minimum $1 purchase.

Read them anywhere. The comics in this bundle are available in CBZ, PDF, and ePub formats, so they work on your computer, e-readers, iPads, cell phones, and a wide array of mobile devices! Instructions and a list of recommended reading programs can be found here.

Support charity. Choose where the money goes – between the publisher, Binc and Hero Initiative via PayPal Giving Fund. If you like what we do, you can leave us a Humble Tip too!”

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