Listen to Matt talk "THE DRAWING OF THE THREE" on The Kingcast

Matt joined The Kingcast to talk Stephen King’s The Drawing of the Three! Follow this link here to check it out.

Here’s what The King Cast has to say about it:

Legendary comic book author Matt Fraction (Hawkeye and Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen) joins Vespe and Wampler break down one of the most entertaining books in The Dark Tower series. Is this book King’s subconscious grappling with addiction? How do the hosts relate to each of the characters introduced? Is the Machete Order of reading this series still a dividing wedge between Vespe and Wampler? All those questions and more are answered in this super-sized deep-dive into The Dark Tower: The Drawing of the Three.

Also, if you’re spoilerphobic we don’t really discuss anything post book 3, so no end-of-series revelations if you’re curious but not finished with the books just yet.

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