DeConnick Designs Wildfang Pin for "You Got This" Project!

This spring, Kelly Sue got an email from Emma at the clothier, Wildfang. They wrote:

I’ve got a quick Q for you. We have an awesome project coming up where we are working with 17 influencers to design and create a series of small enamel pins. 100% of profits from the pins will go to a wonderful women’s charity called ‘I Am That Girl’ which works to help young women build confidence and feel more empowered. We are working with celebrities and musicians and sports people to design the badges. The pins go live during the Olympics…

The pins are inspired by each woman’s personal story of how they gain confidence. We ask them what helps gives them confidence? What helps make them feel more confident to tackle a big challenge?

And Kelly Sue’s reply:

For some reason that I can’t really explain, when I read that there were bioluminescent sharks I was utterly and completely delighted by the idea.

I shared the fact with the 4000+ people on my Bitches Get Shit Done (#bgsdlist) mailing list and a year later, “GLOW, LITTLE SHARK, GLOW!” has become something of a battle cry.  Now my little sharks call me Mama Shark and when I think of them, I glow.

The pin you see in the heading was the result. You can buy it (and the others!) at and 100% of the profits go to I Am That Girl.

Tear it up, little sharks. And thanks, Wildfang, for letting us play a part.

About The YOU GOT THIS Project:

The You Got This project is all about boosting confidence in young women – helping them become bolder, braver and their best selves.

Wildfang and I AM THAT GIRL have joined forces with 17 of the most badass influencers to launch a limited edition set of confidence boosting pins. The ‘You Got This’ Collection is available for sale exclusively at with 100% of profits going directly to I Am That Girl.

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