December 17 Inaugural Milkfed Video Newsletter!

We are pleased to present the inaugural edition of the Milkfed Video Newsletter…! For those of you with discerning taste, our apologies and thank you for bearing with us.


Our goal is to have these out at least once a month (#daretodream) and cover a variety of topics including but not limited to: Writerly advice, what the dogs are up to, how does Matt’s hair do that thing, what projects are KS/MF working on and what you, dear viewer, would like to hear about. Do you like/loath what you see? Any burning queries? Looking for recommendations on jewelry and fine paper goods?? Let us know!

For your further merriment, enjoy a selection of screenshots from the newsletter in the gallery. Found some funnier ones? Made a gif?? Send ’em on over!

From us to you…Happy Holidaze and a Crazy New Year!
~Editor Lauren

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