April 28 Fraction Teams w/ Coulton & Monteys for SOLID STATE

What is SOLID STATE? It’s Jonathan Coulton’s new concept album and companion graphic novel, by Matt Fraction and (bonkers-good) artist Albert Monteys. Here’s what JC says about the album:

[It’s] a concept album about the internet, trolls, artificial intelligence, and how love and empathy will save humanity!

And here’s Fraction, on his collaboration with Monteys:

It’s like BRAZIL if BRAZIL was an office comedy. It’s 2001: A SILICON VALLEY. It was like writing the book to a musical. It’s the first straight-up graphic novel I’ve written in more than ten years and, boy oh boy, what a different beast that is from a floppy thing with staples. It’s a graphic novel I wrote that dances around the raindrops of the record. It was a chance to superimpose my work over someone else’s and see what we could find together. A retrocollaboration? It was a lot of fun. It’s a dessert topping and a floor wax.

Release date for the SOLID STATE album, hardcover and affiliated merchandise is 4/28/17.

The hardcover is available for pre-order HERE.

BIG NEWS! There’s now a trade forthcoming as well! 

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