Adventureman Adventureman Everyone knows the story of how ADVENTUREMAN, the greatest pulp hero of all time, ended in a heartbreaking CLIFFHANGER with our hero facing his very execution. Now learn the startling truth about how, eighty years after his seeming demise, single mother Claire and her Adventurefan son Tommy light the spark of RESURRECTION! Where his story ended… her story begins! Read more Bitch Planet Bitch Planet Bitch Planet In the not-so-distant future, women who fail to align with a patriarchal future’s idea of who they should be, how they should look, and what they should do are destined for hard time on Bitch Planet. Once there, their only chance to get home is to compete against men in a brutal sport called Megaton. Read more Casanova Casanova Casanova Renowned thief Casanova Quinn is blackmailed into being a pawn and double agent in a transdimensional, globe-spanning, reality-bending game of super-espionage. Fashionably staying mere steps ahead of his spy director father and super agent twin sister, Quinn encounters a wild cast of characters throughout multiple timelines who alternately desire to help him and wipe him from all of human history. Read more November November The lives of three women intersect in a dark criminal underground. As fire and violence tears through their city over the course of a single day and night, they find that their lives are bound together by one man—who seems to be the cause of it all. One night. One city. Three women. November. Read more ODY-C ODY-C ODY-C In this psychedelic science fiction retelling of Homer’s ODYSSEY, Odyssia the Clever Champion and her compatriots begin the decade-long voyage across the stars back to Ithicaa after a devastating war. Hindered by meddling gods and violent beasts, the crew’s most dangerous challenge is the journey home. Read more Pretty Deadly Pretty Deadly The tale is told by a bunny to a butterfly, and the cycle of life and death is an intricately woven tapestry — brutal and violent as blades in flesh, delicate as a hummingbird’s wings pummeled by rain — in this Eisner-nominated series, beginning in the Old West. Read more Satellite Sam Sattelite Sam Satellite Sam Set in the golden age of television, the star of an afternoon kids’ sci-fi serial called “Satellite Sam” is found dead in an apartment with boxes full of dirty secrets and dirtier photographs. When the pieces of his father’s death don’t add up, his alcoholic son leaps into the limelight on his journey to learn the truth -- about his father, and himself. Read more Sex Criminals Sex Criminals When Suzie has sex, time stops. When Jon has sex, time stops. When the two meet, they find they have more in common than time-freezing orgasms. After a 55 hour first date, they get the idea to use their ability for good. Well, bad in the name of good. Read more